ROYAL DECREE 2393/2004 ART 87.2
Installation / collaboration with Xose Quiroga / 10


The installation was set in the basement of an abandoned factory that now works as an self-managed social center. Before entering the visitor must sign a document affirming his status as an Spanish citizen, European Union citizen or foreigner within the territory. Accompanied by a security guard is led passing by a dark room until getting to a table, the security guard places the person a pair of headphones and the next video is projected.

After this, the person is accompanied to another door and receives a copy of the signed document, having in it's reverse the face of a young man with the following information at the bottom: Mohamed Abagui , 22 years old, dead inside the detention centre for foreigners in Barcelona on 13/05/2010.

In the case of the foreigners they are led to another room where they receive confidential information.