Black paint over white wall 5.70 x 3.20 m / 09


Phrase written on a wall at the FEMART09 festival.
The phrase "ES DE PUTA MADRE SER MUJER" * (to be written on a wall) was presented for the call organized by the feminist centre Caladona, Barcelona. The project was accepted. The organization committee decided to use the phrase in their advertising campaign for the festival. Approximately 10 000 flyers using the phrase were printed.
Days before the opening, I proposed a change for the expression that was intended to be written on the wall.The new phrase was a successor to the original that was used in the campaign. The change was initially refused by the comittee, but after discussions with the other participants and the organization itself, I was allowed to write "ESPAÑOLA, BLANCA Y DE CLASE MEDIA"**.

*The expression "es de puta madre ser mujer" roughly transcribed as "it’s fucking great to be a woman", uses the colloquial term 'puta madre'. This term literally translated is 'prostitute mother', but is commonly used informally to express appreciation for an object or being that is in some way exceptional. In conjunction with this, it deals with the dichotomy mother-prostitute, two prototype roles.

** “ Spanish, white and middle class