Engraved marble plaques giving an earnest appreciation message on behalf of the citizens of the United states of America to the private companies that are in charge of managing the industry related to the detention of immigrants.

The project includes documents issued by the Immigrantion and Customs Enforcement Agency such as internal memos, the contracts signed by the government and the private companies as well as achievement statistics.

The marble plaques were manufactured in Peru, an art shipping company was contracted to transport the work to the Cisneros Fontanals Foundation in the United States. LAN airlines, the customs agent and the shipping company end up refusing to take responsibility on the shipping of the project giving the following explanation: "Now that everybody who is involved knows about the texts on the plaques no one wants to take responsibility or participate in the transport of this plaques, even if we consider them as works of art because what they contain is a critique of the U.S. immigration system and no one wants to be part of this." Due to this situation the plaques did´t arrive for the opening of the show, an explanation of the situation was installed instead of the marble plaques.

[soon a web page with an analysis of the documents issued by the Immigrantion and Customs Enforcement Agency that were use in this project will be published]